9 Simple Mistakes
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Podcast Content Tips With Guest ‘Sonar’

Podcast Content Tips With Guest ‘Sonar’

This morning we’re going to be going over some fantastic podcast content tips for you guys and our guest today is Sonar, an.. Read More →
Inspiration and the ‘Aha Moment’ with Guest Donna Palm

Inspiration and the ‘Aha Moment’ with Guest Donna Palm

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Easy Podcast Publishing with Mackenzie Bennett

Easy Podcast Publishing with Mackenzie Bennett

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David has been a great asset to me in both building my business and in the writing of my book “Your Signature Style: Unlocking the Confidence, Style and Influence of the Savvy CEO.” He has helped me create my marketing strategy and outlining the steps I needed to take to achieve my business goals. I highly recommend working with David Pollock and his team. – Alicia Couri


David is the real deal! His insights allow him to hold your vision with you, while applying his vast wealth of experience to design a plan that allows you to reach your goals and succeed on a whole new level. He has come up with brilliant ideas, marketing strategies and become a major part of guiding me. I trust David with my dreams and it bears repeating: David Pollock is the real deal! – Cassi Eubank

I have owned my own business for a few years, when I met David. He has changed everything. He has helped me to focus on what really matters and put together a marketing strategy that is helping me take my business to levels I never even dreamed of. I definitely recommend listening to his podcasts and getting his advice. It will make the difference! – Sherri Price